Meet Your Maker

 Hi friends! I'm Meg & this is Chance, or "Bub" as I call him. We wanted to welcome you to Bub & Bloom and tell you a little bit about the heart behind what we do. We are a small business based out of Richmond, VA and we create original pieces using epoxy resin. 

I am a crazy plant lady by choice and have turned that love of plants into a career. For a while, I worked at a local greenhouse and nursery where my passion for plants bloomed. Now I currently work full time in the landscape horticulture industry and I love every second of it. However, as a Sagittarius Sun with a Virgo Moon, my full time job couldn't possibly be enough to satisfy my needs to create, explore, and constantly stay busy. So, after seeing a friend post a resin coaster with flowers incased in it, I fell down a rabbit hole of resin YouTube. Naturally, in typical Sagittarius fashion, I immediately needed to know every thing there is to know about resin and how I could be the best at it. So, 145,234,569 YouTube tutorials later, paired with a whole lot of messing up - Bub & Bloom was birthed. 

Now you understand where the "bloom" comes into play, but what about the "Bub"? Well, I adopted Bub back in 2016 from Richmond Animal League. When RAL picked him up, he had been running large, was very underweight, and had a bullet lodged in his jaw (I know, how can people be so cruel?). If I'm being completely honest, I adopted Chance at a time in my life where the last thing I needed was a dog, and my mom reminded me of that every day. But, after five years, I can say that it was the best worst decision I have ever made. Bub has been on a million adventures, lived in four homes, gone viral on the internet, and saved my life more times than I can count. He is the love I've given in my life, returned to me. He's my best friend. So, when considering starting Bub & Bloom I knew that I wanted to integrate Bub's story into it somehow. I decided that there was no better way to do that then to give back to the people who saved him. So, 5% of all Bub & Bloom proceeds go to RAL. 

Everything we make incorporates some element of Momma Earth and we strive to create pieces that celebrate and preserve all forms of life. In addition, it is our mission to help save animals in the hopes that they can find their best friends too.

So that's us. And that's our why. Thanks for being here, we hope you sit and stay. 

With love & light,

Meg & Bub