Proper Care

All of our products are created with epoxy resin. Once our epoxy resin has fully cured (hardened) it is non toxic, safe to touch and use, and is UV resistant.  Although the resin we work with is VOC free and FDA compliant, resin is a chemical substance and carries inherent risk. 

Jewelry Care:

All chains and frames are either silver, gold, or antiqued brass plated over brass. They are tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic. Therefore, all jewelry will wear well as long as it is properly cared for.

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry in water or in any other instance that you will have prolonged exposure to moisture. 
  • The resin we use is UV resistant, however the nature of plants when exposed to direct sunlight is for them to change in color. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may distort the resin or any items incased in it. 
  • To clean your jewelry, you can use mild dish soap and a damp cloth. You may also polish your jewelry to bring back it's shine. 

Misc. Resin Items:

  • Cured resin can withstand temperatures well below 0°F, however, around 140°F the epoxy will start to soften and then it will harden again once temperatures recede. Resin pieces can be used to serve cold or warm food, NOT hot food. Do not heat food on resin pieces or put resin pieces in the oven. 
  • Resin is not dishwasher safe. All pieces can be hand-washed with mild soap and warm water. Do not soak your pieces in water, simply wash them and allow them to air-dry.
  • The outer surface of the resin may take on a frosted appearance after washing, simply wipe with a drop of cooking oil to restore its sheen. 
  • Resin is incredibly durable - but it is not scratch resistant. Treat your resin pieces like you would treat any glass item or mirror - with care. 
  • The resin we use is UV resistant - that does not mean it is UV proof, yellowing can still occur. Avoid exposing your resin pieces to prolonged periods of direct sunlight.