One of our missions is to celebrate and preserve momma Earth and all of her incredible forms of life. We do this by creating pieces that are not only inspired by nature, but sometimes even contain elements of it - like necklaces with shark teeth, earrings with flowers, pop sockets with sea shells and even daggers with fox bones.

I always talk about the “heart” behind Bub & Bloom but it’s important to me that the people who own these pieces understand just how special they are and how much love goes into each and every one of them. The elements of momma Earth in your Bub & Bloom pieces have not and cannot be purchased at a big box craft store. Below you will find information on where these Earth elements were sourced from as well as some additional information on how they were sourced or who they were sourced by. 

These pieces are truly one of a kind. I cannot create them on demand and once my inventory of shark teeth, or a particular flower or animal bone are gone, it isn’t certain that I’ll ever get anything similar to them again. And I think that’s my favorite thing about the pieces I make. Every piece has its own story. And each story is unique, special, and radiating with love and light.  

More than anything, I hope those of you who own Bub & Bloom pieces, feel that. I hope that you feel the life and the magic still very much alive inside each and every one of the pieces you have. I hope that each piece brings some form of love and light back into you. 

Seashells: All of Bub & Bloom's seashells have been hand collected by my parents in Oak Island and Holden Beach, North Carolina on their vacations together.

Flowers: All of Bub & Bloom's flowers come from my time spent working in local greenhouses and in the landscape industry, hiking up mountains with my dogs, and other daily adventures outside. I keep a massive dictionary in my truck so that anytime I find something beautiful, I can immediately press it. Many of my friends collect and press flowers and leaves for me from their gardens or yards as well. During the winter months, when flower inventory begins to dwindle, I will supplement my inventory by purchasing flowers from supermarkets, florists, greenhouses, and from "The Blossom Petal Cart" - a small woman owned business that presses and preserves flowers, greenery, and other natural elements from her own country garden for sale.
Shark Teeth: All of Bub & Bloom's shark teeth are found washed up on the shore of my boyfriend’s grandma’s river house in Surry, VA, where we spend hours together in the summer scavenging through seashells looking for them while the dogs splash in and out of the water all day.
Bones: All of Bub & Bloom's bones have been ethically harvested, with reference and respect for each animal.